Stage Twinkles - Békakirály

NIKON D80, 44.0 mm, f/4.5, 1/125 sec, ISO 1600 CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0

"Szabad ötletek jegyzéke" ( Catalogue of free thoughts ? ) is definitely the most depressing, most intimate work of the Hungarian poet, Attila József. A shadow theatre decided to make it a recitation with some additional tones: projected, live action background imaginary, disturbing, through the curtain shapes and one single voice, without any major movements.

I was asked to take some promotional photos for the event. What I was no aware of is that due to the lack of time at the theatre itself, it will be filmed while I'm taking pictures, so I ended up working as silently as possible, without flash, without autofocus ( my tele lenses are pretty old, therefore not with ultra wave motors ). I was really happy to have the camera with me; it was probably the most discomforting plays I've ever seen, which makes me believe they did a good job.

map showing the location where the photo 'Stage Twinkles - Békakirály' was taken at
47.459, 19.085