Peter 's Homepage

Hi! I'm Peter, and you're on my homepage. It's an old phrase, but this place is my home, my own little corner on the vast internet. It's been around since 1999, had numerous domains, designs, and iterations. I'm trying to encourage people to have their spot on the web as well.

About this site

What is on the site

There is a mix of content on this page:

  • tinkerings with linux, embedded, internet things are under the IT section
  • travels & longer braindumps are under journal
  • photos in photo
  • while notes contain replies and miscellaneous entries

The technical parts

At this point in time, it's mainly a static HTML website, generated from Markdown + YAML frontmatter files with Python, pandoc, and exiftool,plus a couple of PHP scripts for search and proper redirecting. This is a result of a long process, which process is more or less documented under entries in IT. The engine is hidden in plane sight.

Special thanks to:

  •, so I can receive webmentions on a static site
  • Telegraph, so I can easily send webmentions
  •, for making sending my photos to Flickr simple

Note: this site, and the rest of this server (email, XMPP, etc) is hosted on a tiny computer at our home, because these days our internet is finally stable enough to do this, but there's every chance that occasionally it goes down - and that's normal.

The retro bits

The site has a slight fascination with reminiscence of obsolete technology; therefore it provides a gopher version of the site.

About me


My main contact point is email, but you can also reach me on XMPP/Jabber, or SMS.

I'm from Hungary, living and working in Cambridge, UK. Linux sysadmin by day, east asian martial studies practitioner on some weekday evenings. I'm happily married to Nora who shares more of my interests I thought possible, including most of my rather complex musical taste, and my love for photography.

In essence: GE d@ s: a C++$ UBL+++$ P++(--)$ L++(-)$ !E W+++(-)$ !N !o K--? w !O !M !V PS++ PE- Y+ PGP+ t+ 5+++ X+ R tv b+ DI D+ G e++ h r+++ y+++* and if you know what this is, you've been on the internet for a while or dug too deep into nostalgia.


If you wish to use any of the photos made by me which use is not covered by the CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0 licence, please get in touch with me.