Everything is up to debate. Question everything moves the world forward. There are indeed problems with stating and concluding things, but 'not up for debate' is just as wrong as those. This is irrelevant to the contents of the memo.

Environmental sensor logging with Rasbperry Pi, Adafruit BME280 and SI1145, collectd, and mosquitto

How to collect, monitor, read, and store pressure, temperature, humidity, visible, IR, and UV light data with a Raspberry Pi, an Adafruit BME280, Adafruit SI1145, collectd stats collector, and mosquitto MQTT.

La Palma - stones on the shore

On the first day we arrived to La Palma we only started to look around and arrived into one of the larger towns rather late. This, however, is never a problem for photographers: we walked down to the part of the shore where only one people was fishing - after trying to take cheesy sunset pictures - and started to experiment with long exposure on the volcanic rocks.

La Palma - Tazacorte

Tazacorte is not a particularly interesting city - although the various, colourful houses are nice -, but the view is exceptional. All those green trees are banana trees; the air is crisp and the sea is magnificent.

La Palma - panorama

I barely ever had any GPS reception on La Palma so it's a little hard to tell where exactly the pictures were taken - pictures indeed, because this is a panorama stitched together from 3 handheld images from a DSLR by Hugin1. I'm extremely impressed by that software: the 3 source photos were with different exposure, even their white balance differed a little yet Hugin put them together without a glitch.


La Palma - Teneguía

The South-West area of La Palma is the youngest in terms of volcanic activity; there was a huge erosion in the '70s, which formed the land the way it is today.

Originally we didn't plan to visit this area for too long, thinking it's not as interesting as the rest of the island - we were wrong. Not only there is a traditional salt factory here, there are lots of small beaches where nobody goes, and the view is magnificent as well.

La Palma - Teneguía sky

I've seen magnificent skies, but the non-earthy, black volcanic ground, combined with deep blue sky and beautiful clouds is certainly on the list of the outerworld-ish experiences.

I did use a polarizer, but I was only trying to capture what my eyes saw.

La Palma - volcano route next to Enríque

Note: always stay 2 additional days at a location than you were originally planning and don't plan anything for that 2 days. So whatever you were unaware of, but about learn during your stay, you can check out on that 2 days.

Unfortunately we didn't do this with our Canary Islands visit, but even though we were running a little tight on time, the volcano route is not something you leave out. We drove along on the road that runs more or less parallel with the route and stopped at a few locations to take a better look; this is one of them.