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How to export Flickr to a GPX file to Geotag photos

Using Flickr to add GPS metadata to my photos.

How to send UTF-8 text/html email in Python 3.4

Apparently, sending email in Python is painful. This is what I did to ease it.


@nndmlsvc see for first steps.

Delete stolen contacts in social networks

How to delete stolen contact lists - address books - from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Encouraging read, thank you very much.

I'm living abroad, far from a lot of friends, whom with my ties are getting weaker and weaker, even though most of them are present on the mentioned services.

There is a plethora of options in front of them, in front of us, and barely anyone is using it to actually connect, to talk, to communicate with someone. Most of them are expressing themselves toward a faceless crowd of imaginary people, represented by numbers of followers, believing to be heard.

There are exceptions, a few, when the crowd reacts and you get to know a "stranger". It's so eerie for me, who regularly connected with "strangers" out there, on faceless, nameless chats and forums. Sometimes this still happens, but it's becoming rare.

So I mostly agree.

I'd still love to see blogs; entries like yours: biased opinions, real world narratives of adventures, without the hidden adverts; personal entries, written by people.

Going off the well-paved grid, to towns or villages from the neon LED lights of the cities; that would work for me.

As closure, I have a quote, but this is mostly a response for the initial few paragraphs:

They're pathetically pretechnological or brilliantly post-technological.

Stargate Atlantis ep. 14: Sanctuary

We should all aim to be post-techological.

Stream at Llyn Idwal 2

Afternoon sun, snow on the top of the mountains, streams wherever you look - Snowdonia is magnificent during spring.



I wonder what you mean by platform integration; it would be nice to read more on that.


Amidst all the iPhones that were in use for taking photos I drew some attention with my tripod, camera, filters and remote release. I think the general consensus was, 'Why doesn't he use his iPhone? It would take a photo much quicker and with less work.'

I'm glad photographers still exist.

Stream at Llyn Idwal

This was our very first visit to Snowdonia, and I'm glad we went at the beginning of May: only a month later, these little streams dry up for the summer, and while the view is still magnificent, I liked it better with the numerous waterfalls and streams around.


Llyn Idwal - from the other side of the lake

The perfect weather is never only bright sunshine. For us, here, it was some remnants of snow on the top, occasional clouds with the mix of sunshine and a reasonable temperature to walk around.

That is the perfect weather.


Llyn Idwal

One can always wish for the perfect weather, yet most of the times, it remains a wish. Not this time.

There is a National Trust recommendation to visit Llyn Idwal, which Nora spotted, and they were right about the place: it's magnificent. We really weren't expecting snow on the mountains in May, but that, combined with the clouds and the late afternoon sunshine was just perfect.

I cropped the image, but apart from that, it really looked like this. No edits, no nothing.



It is often stressed in WordPress circles that plugins and themes should be compatible to obsolete 5.2 version of PHP programming language. Why? Because otherwise you will break people's sites. Why? Because people still run their sites on PHP 5.2. Why? Because they don't know they should update. Why? Because we won't tell them. Why? Because they don't have to know. Wait, what? It took me a long time to grasp that "they don't have to know" is one of the most important and least obvious WordPress principles. I don't agree with that.

Hard, cold, sad WordPress truth. And I fully agree with it. "You have to know." But how to do make people care? They will only want to know if they care about their site.