Various, slightly longer entries, on non-tech topic - life, universe, and everything.


"Lehúztuk az a hálózatról"

"a hálózati külső memóriában ezek egyszerű emlékek, amelyek előhívása, cseréje és átdolgozása számunkra annyira nyilvánvaló, mint nektek a Négy páncélos és a kutya felidézése." Tovább »


Ultra low budget photo wall

I made a photo wall on an extremely tight budget, and it doesn't look horrible at all. Continue »


Experiences with the Pa-Kua International League

There's a South American school growing around the world teaching ancient Chinese knowledge - or, according to the lovely online world, so they claim. I've now been learning it for while now, so here are my personal conclusions. Continue »

Influential reads online: finds about the old Web

A collection of articles I found influential on the topic of the early days of the internet, and my comments on why I found them thought-provoking. Continue »


The internet that took over the Internet

If you look deep enough, beneath mountains of attention hoarding, illusion photography, trending trends, you'll find the old Internet, the one with content, knowledge, individuality, but you need to look hard. Can it be saved? Continue »


Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Mount Emei

This is my third and last entry about our trip to Sichuan for the second time, about the main purpose for going back there: Mount Emei. Continue »

Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng

Going to two of the places we had to skip in our first trip: the ancient irrigation system of Dujiangyan and the front, taoist mountain of Qingcheng. Continue »

Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Chengdu revisited

There are places you know you want to go back to, and there are places you have to go back to, because you loved it and you missed too many things to see there. Continue »

kthxbye #2

One year ago I stopped posting to social networks, or at least minimized it as much as possible. Nearly a year passed so it's time for a summary, and while I mostly resisted posting, it doesn't feel like success. Continue »


Thoughts on censorship

The western world is slowly slipping into a special hell of self-imposed censorship, where people will not mention topics, not post issues, because it's not appropriate, because it's not part of the greater good, or because the network, that 'everyone uses' disallows it. Continue »


If you'd decide to ignore Facebook, delete your account, how many of your friends would respect this decision and would reach out on other channels? Same here, just a fraction of them. Continue »


Váltás Nikonról Pentaxra: útkeresés és egy újabb lépés a minimalizmus felé

Kis személyes szeszély arról, hogy hogyan akadályozhatnak a megszokások abban, amit szeretsz, és hogy néha érdemes lassabban és megfontoltabban keresni az utad. Continue »

2 weeks of Sichuan: Mount Qingcheng, rear peak (青城山)

Our Sichuan adventures: climbing the rear side of Mount Qingcheng, trying to keep up with the smart/pretty dressed locals and racing down the mountain before the night. Continue »

2 weeks of Sichuan: Chengdu ( 成都 )

Tales of Chengdu, our base city, the capital of Sichuan. Continue »

2 weeks of Sichuan: Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong (九寨沟 黄龙)

Our Sichuan adventures: travelling to Jiuzhaigou and to Huanglong, two of the most beautiful places in the world. Continue »

2 weeks of Sichuan: Shunan Bamboo Sea (蜀南竹海国家公园)

Our Sichuan adventures: Shunan Zuhai, the famous Bamboo Sea, home of countless movies, heplful locals and thick fog. Continue »

Internet, please forget threaded comments

Nested comments are bad for you, for the article, for the discussion and for readability. Continue »

minimalism is not asceticism

Minimalism is not asceticism, it's not about "wordly possessions behind" no matter what some say. Continue »

How I misunderstood an aspect of Indieweb

If the indieweb sites were not syndicating to Twitter, would it be possible to collect the posts based on hashtags with - for example - Google? Continue »


Vajon létezik olyan, hogy submainstream? Egy közösség, aki szinte bármire tud bulizni, ha az nem unalmas, nem elcsépelt, nem eszetlenül közhelyes és van benne valami extra. Tovább »

The ridiculous eye-candy war against everything from the Old World of Computing

E-mail is not dying and we do not need services for the same functionality as XMPP. Continue »

I want the blogs back

Where is the wonder, where's the awe? Where are the sleepless nights I used to live for? Continue »

Pulling out from DeviantArt

I registered to DeviantArt 9,5 years ago and I've just removed all of my submissions today. Continue »

Indieweb - decentralize the web while centralizing ourselves

Pull your content together from the shards: decentralize the social networks and centralize ourselves! Continue »


I'm tired of all the social networks. I want to go back to RSS, forums and real communication instead of reading through tonnes of meaningless shit. And by the time you reach the point of being tired - not angry, upset, flooded, but tired - it usually means you really are about to opt out. Continue »

semi-minimalist lifestyle

Semi-minimal lifestyle: a thought between the regular and the digital nomad way. Continue »

A momentary world

Momentary social networks or deep-tech forums - is there nothing in between? Where is our promised external, collective memory? Continue »

echoes in the dark

Hiába írsz bármit, eltűnik a süllyesztőben, egy a végtelen, feneketlen katlanban, mert a fő érv az új, a friss, a legfontosabb, olyan szempontok és metrika alapján, amit algoritmusok részinformációk alapján ollóznak össze. Tovább »


DIY: Picture frame from IKEA cupboard window

Cupboard frame for $2, what would you make out of it? Picture frame, obviously. Continue »

DIY: Bracelet from IKEA Lillholmen Cotton pad holder

How to make a nice bracelet from an IKEA Lillholmen inox element. Continue »


Restoring my passion to photography

For a long time I tried to find spectacular things and moments. Lately I realised, that I'll never make good enough photos this way only if I'm at some place exceptional. So I decided to go with a new approach: imagine and then find. Continue »