Mont St Michel alulról


If I'm not mistaken, this was in 2002. My high school brought a rock opera to stage - István, a király -, all live: musicians, choire, dancers, everything. At that time, I was tech support behind the production. Somehow the school successfully applied for grants to take the production to France under the Year of Hungarian Culture banner. One day we got asked to choose which place we wish to visit: Mont St Michel or the beach of D-Day. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what Mont St Michel was; what I did know, is that there's a Mike Oldfield song with the same title, on one of my all-time favourite albums, Voyager. Without even waiting for them to describe what this was, I jumped on the bus for this destination - this action proven to be beneficial, given a lot more wanted to do this trip. I mean ... rock opera, plus the years of the LOtR movie releases; everyone was into fantasy from the group.

Mont St Michel is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I'll have the chance to revisit it sometimes in the future.