Astoria Budapest

license: Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives
Shutter speed
1/40 sec
Focal length (as set)
70.0 mm
ISO 100
AF Zoom-Nikkor 70-210mm f/4

I've taken this years ago. There are days when you just take out your camera, to finally take some pictures and nothing goes as you expect it; not the lights, not the people, nothing. It was one of those days - until I finally turned around, towards the sun, not away from it. Also: use a hood. I didn't. I had my 70-210mm lens on and took this at 70mm; no time to change, or no other lens with me, I can't recall. The thing is that on APS-C, it's equivalent to 105mm - a focal length I never use, because it somewhat feels weird to me. Strangely, Pentax has a collection of high quality lens, all with "odd" focal length: the Limited. Currently 15, 21, 40 and 70mm1; used to be 31, 43, 77 in the film era. I've came across a theory in a forum that these focal lengths produce a similar feeling to 60, 80 and 150mm on medium format cameras2 - and to be honest, there is truth behind that. So the odd feeling may just be the result if it comes with 3:2 aspect ration, instead of 6:7 or 1:1.



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map showing the location where the photo 'Astoria Budapest' was taken at
coordinates: 47.494, 19.06