Encouraging read, thank you very much.

I'm living abroad, far from a lot of friends, whom with my ties are getting weaker and weaker, even though most of them are present on the mentioned services.

There is a plethora of options in front of them, in front of us, and barely anyone is using it to actually connect, to talk, to communicate with someone. Most of them are expressing themselves toward a faceless crowd of imaginary people, represented by numbers of followers, believing to be heard.

There are exceptions, a few, when the crowd reacts and you get to know a "stranger". It's so eerie for me, who regularly connected with "strangers" out there, on faceless, nameless chats and forums. Sometimes this still happens, but it's becoming rare.

So I mostly agree.

I'd still love to see blogs; entries like yours: biased opinions, real world narratives of adventures, without the hidden adverts; personal entries, written by people.

Going off the well-paved grid, to towns or villages from the neon LED lights of the cities; that would work for me.

As closure, I have a quote, but this is mostly a response for the initial few paragraphs:

They're pathetically pretechnological or brilliantly post-technological.

Stargate Atlantis ep. 14: Sanctuary

We should all aim to be post-techological.