Richard: Blogroll, as name is mostly dead - nowadays you probably want to call it following. If you think about it, it's the same thing, the difference is that following is more common within silos1.

I'm thinking of displaying all my publicly followed entities - let it be blogs, Flickr accounts, Twitter handles, or indie websites - on a page, which would resemble an oldschool blogroll but would make more sense in 2017, in my opinion.

Sidenote: Dave is misunderstanding2 approaches and philosophy about IndieWeb3 regarding RSS: we encourage to build sites with microformats4, so you don't need to maintain a separate file and format, but if you want to, sure, go ahead. However, in addition to a website itself, one would need an RSS, an Atom, and a JSON feed just to be backwards compatible and forward thinking - whereas just applying a few CSS classes to the relevant HTML elements could replace all the hassle. That is the reason why RSS - or anything similar - is not recommended within the indieweb community, but many of us still using them.