Avatar - 3 books of The Legend of Aang vs 3 of The Legend of Korra

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I've finished watching the season finale of Legend of Korra yesterday, and I still have this massively unrelieved feeling which never before happened to me.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. You've been warned.

I've finished watching the season finale of Legend of Korra yesterday, and I still have this massively unrelieved feeling which never before happened to me.

The story with Aang is going from a certain point to somewhere with a goal. All the characters gaining and loosing during the show, there are important moments describing the world and building background story, with lots of surprises during this time. Zuko is a brilliant character, so is her sister, Azula; Aang is learning a lot, we meet very unique and special people. Skills are not just appearing; they are results of logic, hard work, teachers, let them be humans, dragons, badgermoles. The final battle is probably the most intense battle scene I've ever seen ( including lots of animes ) and even if we have unanswered questions at the end, the series is complete in three seasons with huge lessons and a giant story.

Korra is focusing on the society aspects rather then a story from A to B, due to it's nature of not having a setted table in the beginning. All the questions raised ( the Equalists, the origin Good and Bad, the original natural order ) are important questions but all of them are left opened, more importantly left unopposed. The Equalists questioned the benefits of the benders - not a single solution for the problem was proposed. When Korra "argues" with Zaheer about chaos, as the natural order, he tells a complete theory which for Korra replies practically nothing apart from a pathetic "but it's wrong" type response. If a theory is raised, it should be at least opposed, but not left opened, because it will leave the feeling it's true and that it is the way. My other big issue is that skills are just coming out of nowhere. At the end of season one, suddenly, within a few minutes, Korra can repair bending powers out of thin air. At the end of season three, Boulin can lavabend without any former indication or thought about this. Lavabending, for gods sake, the whole lava-bending is an "eeer…no", since even Avatar Roku, a full fledged, all-four-elements master was only able to do it properly in the Avatar state, during the Winter Solstice. Eh.

Compared to the months Compared to what Zuko needed to succeed in redirecting the lightning (which he was thought by the one who watched and learned from the ways of waterbending), this is like the D&D levelling up in the middle of a battle. Korra can metalbend for her first try even though she seems to be pretty far from the earthbending skills Toph had when she unlocked them.

Legend of Korra is also incredibly dark and depressing compared to the Aang series. Some of the prison gear, the way P'li dies, the thing that people actually die by protagonist hands (!)… I know, times change, and I'm not against being a bit more realistic or intense but do we really need this in Avatar? Especially after what Aang tried to teach the world: there is always another way.

I will not say Aang was superior in all aspects, but Korra, in my opinion, will need to find a final target, a goal, where things are going to. It will need to state answers or at least arguments against brilliant but disturbing questions and and it will need to prepare the skill-gaining of the characters much, much better.

Do not leave us with a sad, empty and "there is something wrong" feeling at the end of a season. Even a cliffhanger is better.

UPDATE (2014-09-01 18:47)

This has been brought to my attention lately; and they have a really good point. Korra may never had walked the same path as Aang, rather one like Akira, Elfen Lied of Rahxephon did.


UPDATE 2 (2014-09-01 21:19)

I came across a review and speculation on where the Korra series is headed to; this is a good writing, putting my concerns into words much better I could ever done it.


UPDATE 3 (2014-09-12 08:51)

I re-watched ATLA with my wife, and I will say the original series is superior and is miles ahead of Legend of Korra in all possible way. Especially with the depth of the characters and with the taught lessons. Just watch "Tales of Ba Sing Se" again if you have any doubts. Some said that this is due to the lack of time: the Books of Korra have 13 episodes, while Aang had 20; true, but Aang had 3 books while Korra is

  1. Do the math.