Use OwnCloud CardDAV contacts in RoundCube ( and import .vcf to OwnCloud)

How to use OwnCloud CardDAV service as address book in RoundCube and how to import vcf into OwnCloud.

OwnCloud is getting better and better, and by some tweakings in nginx, it is now useable on my server as well. But to really become an alternative for Google Apps, I needed to connect it into RoundCube WebMail1. I've given up on Thunderbird, it's choose to take walk the same way as Firefox, for example, by ruining plugin compatibility, lack of sync features, and so on.

So how to connect RoundCube address book with OwnCloud CardDAV server?

  • I suppose you have a working RoundCube installation. If not, here's the official howto2.
  • Download the CardDAV plugin from Benjamin Schieder3 (as buy something for him from his whishlist4 )
  • uncompress the downloaded tar.bz2 file
  • move the extracted carddav folder into the plugins folder of your RoundCube
  • move the file to in the carddav folder. This config file contains two pre-defined address books, comment out them, if you have no need. Be careful to leave the $prefs['db_version'] = 2 in, that is not to be commented!
  • add carddav into roundcube/config/ to the $rcmail_config['plugins'] array -login to roundcube and go to Personal settings, CardDAV
  • add a new address book with the URL to your contact list provided by OwnCloud. You can find this by:
    • nagivate to Contacts in owncloud
    • click on Addressbooks at the top right corner
    • click on the little Earth icon in the line of the address book you're about to use
    • copy the URL
  • optional: if you'd like to use as default address book, go to Personal settings, Address Book, Main Options and change the default address book there.

After you're ready, you can go the the new address book in RoundCube and import any vcf file with the help of it - and because the address book is really located at OwnCloud it's going to be imported into OwnCloud.