trick to "change" CD for wine

Need to install something with more than one install CD-s to wine? Here's how.

I've had a pretty hard time to install Baldur's Gate 2, even via PlayOnLinux. The problem lies when you need to change CD-s: PlayOnLinux do try to solve it for you, but it does not work.

But what works is multiple mounting. Awful and dangerous, but works:

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/ISO/CD1 /mnt

Start PlayOnLinux, select mnt as CD source... and step through the offering to change CDs for you. When the game asks for the next CD, do the following:

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/ISO/CD2 /mnt

This will not unmount CD1, but at the same point CD2 will be accessible. Repeat this for CD3 and CD4. When the game asks for CD1:

sudo umount /dev/loop3
sudo umount /dev/loop2
sudo umount /dev/loop1

But don't remove loop0! That's CD1.

Done, play Baldur's Gate 2 on Linux.