owncloud: finally a working webDAV server in PHP

At last: turn your own server into your private cloud, interfacing any webDAV or web-browser capable client - and you only need a webserver with PHP!

Finally a good implementation of webDAV has arrived: ownCloud 21. This little marvell turns your own server into a common interface for any kind of computer capable of connecting to webDAV - and because webDAV uses http ports, it may go through nearly from every location ;)

An unfortunate bug is the only thing that could be an issue: during the install, if the open_basedir is in effect and you whished not to uses the system-wide tmp dir, owncloud uses sys_get_tmp_dir, and the install will fail with the following:

MDB2_Schema Error: schema parse error: Parser error:

In order to get rid of it either place :/tmp at the end of the open_basedir directory, or replace the sys_get_tmp_dir() function call at line #247 in lib/db.php on the owncloud directory.

You can find a brief ( or more likely quick-and-dirty ) install guide for owncloud 2 at webupd8.org blog2.

I'd like to add, that it works like a charm even with nginx and php-fpm.

No words can describe how happy I am that it does not need anything more than a webserver with PHP support. And it is not just for file sync, it's capable of calendar, contants and music sharing as well!

  1. http://owncloud.org/↩︎

  2. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/owncloud-2-your-personal-cloud-server.html↩︎