Consistent USB device naming in a FreeNAS jail

How to make an Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, a CC2531 Zigbee2MQTT, and an RFLink work with a FreeNAS jail running Domoticz
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My current home server is a FreeNAS1 with a bunch of jails and plugins; one of these is Domoticz. While I barely do anything above collecting sensor data with it, I still had to make it work with RFLink2, Zigbee2MQTT3, and an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 54.

I'm not going into the installation of Domoticz on FreeNAS, there are excellent tutorials on the iX Community forums:

  • [HOWTO] Domoticz and open-zwave in a FreeNAS 11 jail!5
  • Install script for Domoticz with open-zwave driver in iocage jail 6

Note: zigbee2mqtt is a node.js daemon; I'm using pm27 to run it.

iocage hooks

The iocage jail controller has some hooks that can run scripts on the host for the jail. The two hooks needed in this case are the exec_poststart and exec_prestart hooks. The prestart runs before the jails is created; the post start runs once the jail filesystem is up, but nothing is started yet.

My ZFS dataset for the iocage is called server. Modify the paths according to that, and create the bin directory on it.



# add devfs rules to allow USB devices to be seen from within domoticz
if ! grep -q "devfsrules_jail=5" /etc/devfs.rules; then
    cat <<"EOF" >>  /etc/devfs.rules

add include $devfsrules_hide_all
add include $devfsrules_unhide_basic
add include $devfsrules_unhide_login
add path zfs unhide
add path 'tty*' unhide
add path 'ugen*' unhide
add path 'cu*' unhide
add path 'usb/*' unhide
    /usr/sbin/service devfs restart



function get_tty () {
    local vendor="${1}"
    local product="${2}"
    # return the tty{} value, eg; U2
    sysctl dev.umodem | grep "vendor=${vendor} product=${product}" | sed -r 's/.*ttyname=([^\s]+) .*/\1/'

function create_symlink () {
    local source="${1}"
    # failsafe
    if [ "${source}" == 'tty' ]; then return; fi
    local target="/mnt/server/iocage/jails/domoticz/root/dev/${2}"
    if [ -e "${target}" ]; then rm -f "${target}"; fi
    ln -s "${source}" "${target}"

# rflink is an arduino mega
create_symlink "tty$(get_tty '0x2341' '0x0010')" "ttyUrflink"
# zigbee is a Texas Instrument CC2531
create_symlink "tty$(get_tty '0x0451' '0x16a8')" "ttyUzigbee"
# zwave is a Z-Stick Gen 5
# note: it needs the 'cua' device in domoticz, not the tty device
create_symlink "cua$(get_tty '0x0658' '0x0200')" "cuaUzwave"

Note: these commands are meant to be ran after domoticz was successfully installed in a jail named domoticz

chmod 0755 /mnt/server/bin/
chmod 0755 /mnt/server/bin/
iocage stop domoticz
iocage set exec_poststart=/mnt/server/bin/ domoticz
iocage set exec_prestart=/mnt/server/bin/ domoticz
iocage set devfs_ruleset=5 domoticz
iocage start domoticz

Hardware configurations inside domoticz


Domoticz hardware configuration for aeotec z-wave stick with path of
Domoticz hardware configuration for aeotec z-wave stick with path of cuaUzwave
Domoticz hardware configuration for rflink with path of
Domoticz hardware configuration for rflink with path of ttyUrflink


Domoticz hardware configuration for
Domoticz hardware configuration for zigbee2mqtt


homeassistant: false
permit_join: false
  base_topic: zigbee2mqtt
  server: 'mqtt://localhost'
  port: /dev/ttyUzigbee
  channel: 25


There's a weird behaviour of the CC2531 for which I haven't found a reason or a fix for: after being plugged in, on the very first start the tty interface shuts down and gets reassigned to another position, eg. from ttyU0 it becomes ttyU4. I've tried using devd rules to trigger a restart of domoticz or a recreation of the symlink, but so far, none of them provided good results. I'm not completely happy with the zigbee2mqtt project anyway, because it requires a separate node.js daemon to run in the background - one more moving element -, therefore I'm not too keen to find a fix. Instead l'll probably look into alternatives, like the dresden elektronik ConBee8