Reposition elementaryOS dock (Plank)

How to move elementaryOS Luna Plank to different position.

I've tried elementaryOS Luna for the first time, and I'm really deeply impressed by the speed, the responsibility and the user experience.

What I don't like:

  • the Mac design ( MediterraneanNight1, Shiki-Brave2, please, we have enough Mac-clone skins already, and high contrast is just an eye-killer, seriously. )
  • the position of the dock ( Plank ): before using Unity for a while, positioning the dock to the left seemed the worst idea ever - but suprisingly it is better with the wide screens and a lot faster to access.

The first problem may be handled in a while, the second is easier:

gedit ~/.config/plank/dock1/settings

Search for the line


and change the number the way you want:

0 => left
1 => right
2 => top
3 => bottom

To position it top-left, right below the panel: Search for the line


and replace 0 with -90

Save the file, log out, log in back again.