Logging Android sensor data with Automate

I've been searching for a long while for a sensor data logger app; it turns out Automate can do this just fine with a lot of extra, so here's my solution for a Galaxy S4.
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tl;dr: download the flow file here: http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/12639


A long, long time ago I tried the ancestor of this app, when it was simply called llama. Since then it look like I come a long way, and now it resembles something I last saw when I learnt how to program PLCs2

So, the short story: you have building blocks, such as, for example, get current location, write a file, call a URL, etc, and these blocks can be piped into eachother, so the output of one can be used in another - just like | in the UNIX world3.

Sensorlogger flow

I've put this together for a Samsung Galaxy S4 - it's a terrible phone, but has a decent amount of useful sensors, including humidity, ambient temperature, light, etc, and it's pretty cheap these days, especially one with a cracked screen. I'm also testing if it's possible to be used as a security camera instead of my current Raspberry Pi solution, but that is not stable yet.

So, sensor logging: after the start I fork the process into threads; each thread is for a single sensor, that will log into a file for itself.

Sensor logging with Automate flow
Sensor logging with Automate flow diagram

The files look like:

2017-05-26T10:15:30+0100 10.23234220

where the first element is an ISO 8601 timestamp and the second is the value from the sensor.

The configuration bits of a thread:

Ambient temperature sensor
Ambient temperature sensor readings
file write
file write

Once it's fine, just press "Start":

Flow control panel
Flow control panel

This could, of course, be extended with a custom URL call, which sends the sensor data to your server; or an MQTT push to a server and is pretty easy to configure.

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