WP-FFPC: speed test

WP-FFPC - speeding up your WordPress site at leas 9 times.

I've made a little speed comparison to check how much difference my cache plugin, WP-FFPC1 makes. I've run the test only a few times, therefore the measurement is not as precise as it should be, it's just a brief note.

I tested four setups:

  1. logged in request - in this case, WP-FFPC does not kick in
  2. APC  is set to be used as backend
  3. Memcached is set as backend, served directly from nginx
  4. Memcached is set as backend, served from PHP

One typical outcome: (not median, these are exact copies from a run after running a few each and selecting typical a one )

No cache (ms) APC (ms) Memcached via nginx(ms) Memcached via PHP (ms)
Blocking 1.836 1.328 1.432 0.570
Proxy 0.298 0.904 0.905 0.333
Sending 3.674 0.277 0.855 0.271
Waiting 561.818 51.878 35.388 33.005
Receiving 0.649 0.550 26.487 1.513
Sum send+wait+rec 566.141 52.705 62.73 34.789

A little explanation:

  • the "proxy" element is because I'm behind a proxy; it's irrelevant to this test
  • the sending has a very high difference with no cache, this is because of the cookie size

But the simple conclusion: WP-FFPC speeds up your site AT LEAST 9 times no matter which backend engine you're using.

The ranking:

  • memcached through PHP
  • APC
  • memcached through nginx

nginx is not expected to be slower that PHP. It's probably an issue with my nginx setup or an error in the memcached plugin version I'm using with nginx. I will look into this.

Any tests either confirming or questioning my outputs are welcome!

  1. http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ffpc/↩︎