Hol volt, hol nem volt, volt egyszer egy kis különc. Szegény kis különc, hiába is próbált tartozni valahova, sosem találta társaságát: egyesek szerint nem öltözködött megfelelően, mások lenézték, mert oly zenéket is szeretett, melyeket... Tovább »


Encouraging read, thank you very much.

I'm living abroad, far from a lot of friends, whom with my ties are getting weaker and weaker, even though most of them are present on the mentioned services.

There is a plethora of options in... Continue »


It is often stressed in WordPress circles that plugins and themes should be compatible to obsolete 5.2 version of PHP programming language. Why? Because otherwise you will break people's sites. Why? Because people still run their sites... Continue »


I recently batch-geotagged photos of mine for the first time ever; I ended up using, it is quite handy.

If you're... Continue »


The reason for this trends is significantly easier to answer than you think, Amanda: noise.

That 35 years from 1981 introduced noise everywhere: the streets are crowded are noisy; the cubicles are gone, so our open-space trendy workplaces... Continue »


There must be a good way to find interesting original stuff on the web and present it to people who are interested without them needing to actively search for it or "follow" a bunch of people to maybe find one or two good... Continue »


Chris, I've disabled Pingbacks on my WordPress due to an extensive and annoying amount of spam.

However, I did send a webmention at 2016-03-10 16:01:01, which I've checked now. The response was:

Continue »            


Peter, AFAIK just redirects you to a RSS/Atom reader and such buttons exist for ages.

There's a little more to that. subtome could include... Continue »

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