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Peter Molnar



I made my first website in 1999. Since then I worked in nearly all parts of e-commerce: from frontend, through backend - with a detour to embedded development - to system administration. I believe in optimization, Open Source and Free Software, and to research the best, existing solution for a problem.

Key Skills


System Administrator at

from , Cambridge, remote to Amsterdam Headquarters

Since 2015 Apr I'm working on automating BigData stacks - multiple Hadoop clusters, some over 2000 nodes. I've refactored most of our legacy autonomous system to handle exponential growth and to align with the rest of the company codebase.

In 2014, I worked on monitoring, aiming to replace nagios, to reduce on-call alerts, and increase automation. Solution included adding self-healing processes to individual nodes, and preparing work for centralized logging.

Until mid 2014, I worked in communications, maintaining mail, fax, and proxy services. I migrated the former proprietary virus and content filtering to open solutions.

Partner Integration Engineer at

from to , London

I was introducing and supporting external partners to use the company stack of load-balanced web- and database clusters, PHP and Java frameworks to develop iOS and Android based games.

Program Developer at

from to , Budapest

I was part of a project porting an embedded code base to be interfaced with C# under Windows for Siemens.

Systems Engineer at

from to , Budapest

I was developing, testing, and documenting time- and safety critical, hard real-time, automotive C software and deployed continuous integration for code quality metrics.

System Administrator at

from to , Budapest

I maintained, upgraded and migrated - both in team and alone - high availability web- and mail services for the market leader real estate search engine in Hungary; occasionally helped with back office and Windows support.

Computer Laboratory Maintainer at

from to , Budapest

I maintained Windows and Ubuntu machines and deployed an operating system imaging service with Finnix and PXE that could cope with slow networks. I regularly held classes in basics of C, atmel, embedded, and web programming, and kept some university WordPress sites running.


BSc Electrical Engineer at

from to , Budapest

Specialized in embedded systems and industrial system automation.

Awarded with Thesis Award from Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers in 2009.

Hobbies and interests

I used to make web presence for small companies between 2003 and 2010 with a CMS I wrote in PHP. I moved to WordPress in 2007 and kept sites for friends and families on it since. For my own site, I made a simple static site generator in Python 3. I can still write HTML and CSS by hand.

To keep myself up to date with technologies out of my day job, I kept running bare metal servers, mostly web, mail, XMPP, and file storage.

I'm participating in the movement to keep the web decentralized, I'm an active practicioner of martial arts and archery, and I enjoy taking photographs.