Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Mount Emei

This is my third and last entry about our trip to Sichuan for the second time, about the main purpose for going back there: Mount Emei.

Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng

Going to two of the places we had to skip in our first trip: the ancient irrigation system of Dujiangyan and the front, taoist mountain of Qingcheng.

Another 2 weeks in Sichuan: Chengdu revisited

There are places you know you want to go back to, and there are places you have to go back to, because you loved it and you missed too many things to see there.

kthxbye #2

One year ago I've written a short summary that I'm planning to stop posting to social networks, or at least minimize it as much as possible. Nearly a year passed so it's time for a summary.

Thoughts on censorship

The western world is slowly slipping into a special hell of self-imposed censorship, where people will not mention topics, not post issues, because it's not appropriate, because it's not part of the greater good, or because the network, that 'everyone uses' disallows it.


If you'd decide to ignore Facebook, delete your account, how many of your friends would respect this decision and would reach out on other channels? Same here, just a fraction of them.

kthxbye #1

Köszönöm, Facebook, de elég volt.

Váltás Nikonról Pentaxra: útkeresés és egy újabb lépés a minimalizmus felé

Kis személyes szeszély arról, hogy hogyan akadályozhatnak a megszokások abban, amit szeretsz, és hogy néha érdemes lassabban és megfontoltabban keresni az utad.