Changing laptops: ThinkPad X200 vs X250, a story of a long postponed upgrade

Even though I only owned an X200 for 3 years, the laptop from 2009 was becoming aged, no matter how many things I replaced on it, so sadly, it was time to look for an alternative.

Replacing Baïkal with Radicale

I was becoming unhappy with Baïkal, my contact and calendar sync server: a growing number of clients was unable to use it, so I started to look for alternatives. This time I wanted something plain text based.

How to get rid of 'FastCGI sent in stderr: Primary script unknown' in nginx logs

Add try_files $uri $script_name =404; to your PHP handling block. Click more for details

Going static

The "why"s for writing one's own static generator, which I want to replace my WordPress with.

Hacking tint2 panel: weather, CPU temperature and volume executors

Adding weather, volume and CPU status to the most hacker friendly panel: tint2.

How to export Flickr to a GPX file to Geotag photos

Using Flickr to add GPS metadata to my photos.

How to send simple UTF-8 email in Python 3.x

Apparently, sending email in Python is painful. This is what I did to ease it.

Delete stolen contacts in social networks

How to delete stolen contact lists - address books - from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.