Save files from Samsung Galaxy S4 with a dead screen with Debian or Ubuntu

How to download your files and safely destroy personal data from a Samsung android phone with a dead screen using heimdall, TWRP, and adb.

Changing laptops: ThinkPad X200 vs X250, a story of a long postponed upgrade

Even though I only owned an X200 for 3 years, the laptop from 2009 was becoming aged, no matter how many things I replaced on it, so sadly, it was time to look for an alternative.

I found an easy way to make anyone dislike Facebook: use for a few days and you'll be happy to close it.

Replacing Baïkal with Radicale

I was becoming unhappy with Baïkal, my contact and calendar sync server: a growing number of clients was unable to use it, so I started to look for alternatives. This time I wanted something plain text based.


Our third visit to Wales was in autumn, and though I've not yet been there during winter, I can safely state it's always beautiful. Beddgelert is a small community; the name of the place originates from a sad story of a heroic dog. It can offer you magnificent views of the local mountains and hills so don't miss it if you're close.

Fairy Glen

The surroundings of Betws-y-Coed can offer numerous attractions, from peaks to abandoned mines, but there is a certain little creek which looks like a place out of myths and fairytales: the Fairy Glen. The whole area is a light trip, but it makes a beautiful view. Unfortunately it looks like the only way to get to the really nice areas are through the water, which I would love to do once. It will certainly has to be during summer though, and I'll need proper waterproof casing for my gear, so it may be challenging.

How to get rid of 'FastCGI sent in stderr: Primary script unknown' in nginx logs

Add try_files $uri $script_name =404; to your PHP handling block. Click more for details


It is always hard to take pictures of places you know well: when you've seen places countless times none of the scenery look extraordinary enough to fossilise it for eternity.

Thankfully, there are exceptions. This was taken in Tihany, at a beautiful, sunny day, when thankfully enough sailing ships were out on the water. All the colours were in place and I loved the reflections - you definitely need to wait much, much longer at places you know for a good moment, but it worth it.