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All photos by me - under 'Photo' category - are available for licensing and print. Please get in touch for arrangements.

Please don't use them without permission. I'm aware that you will download whatever you want, and to be honest, that I believe is fine if you do that for yourselves - just don't reuse it ( eg. for illustration ), because that is basically stealing.

Blips: mixed

Blips usually contain reposts, quotes, references from external sites and silos, like Twitter and Tumblr. Unfortunately a lot of them does not indicate if the image/media is copyrighted.

In case I happen to repost material that does not allow this, it was not intentional; please write me 1 to remove it.

'Journal', 'Linux, tech, coding articles', own articles on 'Blips'

All rights reserved.

Code snippets

MIT licence 2 unless stated differently or unless it's referenced from external sites; please visit the source for the original licence.

I'd be glad for referencing me, but it's not required.