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To overcome problems or ordinary newletters (namely that mails from me directly or from Blogtrottr landed in the Gmail SPAM folder), I created a Google Group, specifically for updates from the site:!forum/petermolnarnet/join

Follow the link to join the group.

In theory, one could send an email to to subscribe, but so far, I couldn’t get it working.

It will send the full contents of each entry that shows up in “all major updates”, so everything except “notes”.

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You can follow me as and get the major updates from this site. That is thanks to and Superfeedr.

What about social media?

Social media has failed on me so many times that I gave up on syndicating content there. Some networks and some reasons:

  • tumblr: banned adult content (labelled as porn ban, but by definition, fantasy artworks of, say, Boris Vallejo fall under here as well) on 17 Dec 2018. I don’t want to support them any more.
  • Facebook: I disabled my account after waiting for 2 months to show anything actually relevant from my friends mid 2018. I saw shares and likes, but no actual content, real updates.
  • Twitter: I genuinely hate twitter’s interface and that they can’t find an identity. That original 140 chars was at least something, now it’s 280, excluding URLs, which are always going through, images, @mentions, and so on. Oh, they also have an algorithmic feed.
  • Instagram: I’d need to use the app to do anything with instagram, because they don’t have a web upload interface. No, thanks.
  • Google+: I never used it. It’s good, because it’s getting deleted soon.
  • still thinking about this one, but I’d need to post the a complete copy of the content instead of just links, and that’s not really what I’d like to do.
  • flickr: the only exception at this point in time, but with the recent first Verizon, then SmugMug transition, I really wonder about it’s future.
  • 35% of visible space eaten up by giant banners and megabytes of Javascript? No.