Péter Molnár

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I've made my first website in 1999. Since then I worked in nearly all parts of e-commerce: from frontend, through backend - with a detour to embedded development - to system administration. I believe in optimization, Open Source, and to research the best solution for a problem.


  • 10 years linux system administration:
    • CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu
    • web service stacks
    • email systems, including spam- and content filtering
    • configuration management and version controlling
    • 1000+ node Hadoop clusters
  • 10 years WordPress usage, plugin, and theme development
  • scripting and programming experience in Python, PHP, C, bash, Perl
  • native Hungarian and professional English knowledge
  • Europen driving license B ​

Professional Experience

Booking.com Ltd

System Administrator, BigData Infrastructure Apr 2015 →

I'm working on automating our low level BigData stack, developing together with provisioning teams, and managing Hadoop clusters with over 1000 nodes. I've refactored most of our legacy bash autonomous scripts to fit in the Perl used elsewhere in the company, which ensures automatic reinstalls, repairs, and maintenance across the cluster. I worked with SAP and HP to support user and hardware issues.

Primary technologies: linux (CentOS), Zookeeper, Hadoop, Oozie, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Spark, Puppet, git, Perl, bash, rsyslog, grafana, graphite, Supermicro, HPE Cloudline

System Administrator, Monitoring Nov 2014 → Apr 2015

We developed distributed monitoring solutions aiming to replace nagios and I introduced monit to reduce on-call alerts and increase automation.

Primary technologies: linux (CentOS), monit, nagios, ElasticSearch, logstash, rsyslog, git, Python

System Administrator, Communication (mail & proxy) Aug 2013 → Nov 2014

I worked in the team maintaining mail, fax, and proxy services. I migrated the former proprietary virus and content filtering to Open Source solutions, and from paid geosurf proxies to use the offices around the world instead.

Primary technologies: linux (CentOS), exim4, cyrus, Spamassassin, Squid, c-icap, clamav, Puppet, git, bash, C

GREE UK Limited

Partner Integration Engineer, Nov 2012 → Aug 2013

I was introducing and supporting external partners to use the company stack of load-balanced web- and database clusters, PHP and Java frameworks to develop iOS and Android based games.

Primary technologies: linux (Debian), nginx, apache, MySQL, PHP, Chef, Vagrant, Ganglia, LVS, bash C

Evosoft Hungary Kft.

Program Developer, Nov 2011 → Sep 2012

I was part of a project porting an embedded code base to be interfaced with C# under Windows for Siemens.

Keywords: IBM CleaCase, C, C#

Knorr-Bremse AG

Systems Engineer, Mar 2011 → Nov 2011

I was developing, testing, and documenting time- and safety critical, hard real-time, automotive C software and deployed continuous integration for code quality metrics.

Primary technologies: Jenkins, CANBUS, MISRA C, cosmic, MKS Integrity

Arkon Zrt.

System Administrator, Jun 2009 → Feb 2011

I maintained, upgraded and migrated - both in team and alone - high availability web- and mail services for the market leader real estate search engine in Hungary; occasionally helped with back office and Windows support.

Primary technologies: linux (Ubuntu), nginx, apache, MySQL, PHP, XenServer, SVN, HAProxy, NFS, OpenVPN, exim, Dovecot, Spamassassin, svn, bash

Budapest Tech Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Part time laboratory maintainer, Sep 2007 → May 2009

I maintained Windows and Ubuntu machines and deployed an operating system imaging service with Finnix and PXE that could cope with slow networks. I regularly held classes in basics of C, atmel, embedded, and web programming, and kept some university WordPress sites running.

Primary technologies: linux (Ubuntu), apache, MySQL, PHP, PXE, tftpd, FTP, Samba, C, bash, atmel, WordPress


Budapest Tech Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering

2009, BSc Electrical Engineer, specialized in embedded systems and industrial system automation.

Trainings & Awards

  • 2016 - Booking.com internal interview techniques training
  • 2013 - Puppet Fundamentals: 2-day Puppet training from Puppet Labs
  • 2011 - Siemens DR-G120 controller training
  • 2011 - C# basics training
  • 2009 - 2 day Scrum & Agile training
  • 2009 - Thesis Award from Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers

Hobbies, Open Source, and former freelancing

I used to make web presence for tiny companies between 2003 and 2010, based on a custom CMS written in PHP. In 2007, I was given a linux server to maintain, right before my employment at the university, and moved on to WordPress.

To keep myself up to date with technologies out of my day job, I kept running web- and home servers, mail stacks, a few WordPress and Owncloud instances for friends, family, small business, and ended up building a static site generator to learn Python. I write my own CSS and try to avoid JavaScript.

I'm actively participating in the Indieweb movement to keep the web decentralized, but connected, and I enjoy taking photos whenever I have the chance to travel a little.

Personal technology stack: linux (Debian), nginx, fail2ban, rsyslog, MariaDB, dovecot, postfix, spamassassin, opendmarc, opendkim, LXC/LXD, ZFS, ansible, WordPress, Python, PHP, CSS3, git, bash