Our third visit to Wales was in autumn, and though I've not yet been there during winter, I can safely state it's always beautiful. Beddgelert is a small community; the name of the place originates from a sad story of a heroic dog. It can offer you magnificent views of the local mountains and hills so don't miss it if you're close.

Fairy Glen

The surroundings of Betws-y-Coed can offer numerous attractions, from peaks to abandoned mines, but there is a certain little creek which looks like a place out of myths and fairytales: the Fairy Glen. The whole area is a light trip, but it makes a beautiful view. Unfortunately it looks like the only way to get to the really nice areas are through the water, which I would love to do once. It will certainly has to be during summer though, and I'll need proper waterproof casing for my gear, so it may be challenging.


It is always hard to take pictures of places you know well: when you've seen places countless times none of the scenery look extraordinary enough to fossilise it for eternity.

Thankfully, there are exceptions. This was taken in Tihany, at a beautiful, sunny day, when thankfully enough sailing ships were out on the water. All the colours were in place and I loved the reflections - you definitely need to wait much, much longer at places you know for a good moment, but it worth it.

Stream at Llyn Idwal 2

Afternoon sun, snow on the top of the mountains, streams wherever you look - Snowdonia is magnificent during spring.

Stream at Llyn Idwal

This was our very first visit to Snowdonia, and I'm glad we went at the beginning of May: only a month later, these little streams dry up for the summer, and while the view is still magnificent, I liked it better with the numerous waterfalls and streams around.

Llyn Idwal 1

The perfect weather is never only bright sunshine. For us, here, it was some remnants of snow on the top, occasional clouds with the mix of sunshine and a reasonable temperature to walk around. That is the perfect weather.

Llyn Idwal

One can always wish for the perfect weather, yet most of the times, it remains a wish. Not this time.

There is a National Trust recommendation to visit Llyn Idwal, which Nora spotted, and they were right about the place: it's magnificent. We really weren't expeting snow on the mountains in May, but that, combined with the clouds and the late afternoon sunshine was just perfect.

I cropped the image, but apart from that, it really looked like this. No edits, no nothing.


When you realize there is a bank holiday coming soon, and you have no plans yet even though weather looks promising, you start looking for options. In our case the usual destination is the Peak District, but it was sold out, so we had to look elsewhere.

Since we wanted to visit Snowdonia for a long while now, it seemed like a good choice - although the weather forecast for Sunday was rough. And my, I wasn't expecting what we got.

This place has mountains, real mountains; some peaks still had snow when we got there on Saturday, and we had magnificent lights.

Apart from a minor rotate, no edit, filter - neither software, nor physical - was used here; this did actually look like this.

If you decide to visit, climbing Snowdon shouldn't be your priority. We even didn't bother to go this time: the other locations surrounding it might even be more unique - since if you're on the highest mountain, you can't take breathtaking pictures of the other mountains, can you?