Holy crap, this was bad.

First of all, a giant mecha. Really? A giant mecha? My only guess is that they want to buy their way into the Gundam fans. And it's not even an effective shape. Apart from this: "OMG, a big METAL thing, what... Continue »

Sony DD-8 Data Discman Electronic Book Player

RT @aliszewski I desperately want this Sony Data Discman from 1993. An e-reader that accepts floppy disks.

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2014-11-20 12:18

tény: egy pokémon mindig csak a nevét mondja. következtetés: Hodor egy pokémon.

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Aki megmondja, mi van a képen és hogy honnan van a kép, kap egy sört, amikor legközelebb találkozom vele.

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Fifty years ago, the future was going to be full of technology, it would make work simpler, mundane tasks around the home would be automated and there was serious talk of people working only two or three days a week, having their time... Continue »

2014-09-29 13:24

Es meg nem kotoztek teged a legkozelebbi Starbuckshoz a derekuk kore csavart, szigoruan csakis levagott kormanyos fixihez hasznalhato biciklilancukkal es probaltak meg halalracsikizni a kis kackias bajszukkal mikozben alternativ... Tovább »


I even disagree with the Thanksgiving day example; share and defend your opinion, debate and argue, because otherwise the world will never solve problems.

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Avatar - 3 books of The Legend of Aang vs 3 of The Legend of Korra

I've finished watching the season finale of Legend of Korra yesterday, and I still have this massively unrelieved feeling which never before happened to me.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. You've been warned.

I've finished... Continue »

2014-08-12 22:09

RAGE ON Amikor egy cyberpunknak álcázott animéről kiderül, hogy dráma ÉS NINCS VÉGE, csak hogy NA MAJD MOST JÖN A NAGY HARC, na annak az íróját pofozza meg valaki nagyon. Silent Möbius amúgy. Nem, nem éri meg megnézni. Főleg, hogy 26... Tovább »

2014-08-12 12:35

I can't find things on the internet from before 2002. Is there limit like for Kelly Bundy, new pushing out the old?

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Alphabetical Order Dragon

I've found this in our puppet repository:

#                     ,     _,
#                    #`-"-'/
#                   #/   o (o
#                  #/ __   '._
#  ,_#_#          #/  /=/`-. _")
#   '-.`#      ...
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You were gone forever. I counted.

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typography: you're doing it wrong

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Game of Thrones is crippled

During the past week, on every single news site I regularly visit, I've come across George R. R. Martin's fundraising offer: $20000 and you can die in his books1.

The cause is... Continue »

How to block LG smart TVs from phoning home on OpenWRT

Edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf

and add the... Continue »

A not-so-hidden London walk definitely worth trying once

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2014-05-12 13:04

Ha vannak 10 évnél régebbi blogbejegyzéseitek, olvassátok vissza őket és gondolkozzatok el rajta, mennyit változtatok. Ahogy nézem én nem sokat: megtanultam kicsit finomabban véleményt formálni ( általában ) illetve egy-két téma aktualitását... Tovább »

2014-05-06 10:01

Have fun. Remember that GeoCities page you built back in the mid-90s? The one with the Java applets, garish green background and seventeen animated GIFs? It may have been ugly, badly coded and sucky, but it was fun, damnit. Keep the... Continue »

2014-05-04 16:08

For the very first time in my life I think I'm starting to understand why one just wants a computer which "just works": I'm looking for a car, which "just works".

I know I'm a strange male, but I don't like cars. There's... Continue »


It's all clear now; you just need to find the source of the inspiration.

legfur Continue »

2014-04-16 13:46


Ilyet minden nappaliba. Princessfairytalehorse.

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2014-04-12 07:21

Mindent elmond a mai popzenéről, hogy szinte bármelyik szám refrénjét nyugodtan lehet üvöltő kecskékkel helyettesíteni.

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thereifixedit bus station

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2014-01-18 14:33

Remake, Reboot, reshit... OK, the sci-fi masterpieces cannot be made to a good movie ( The Foundation for example would take a whole season of movies at least ). But. No trilogy from the Weaverworld of Clive Barker? It has horror, urban fantasy,... Continue »

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