I'm dreamer, sysadmin 1 , former embedded & web developer 2 . A Hungarian, living in the UK, wishing for United Europe, trying to generate less and less waste and fixing whatever is broken 3 .


I'm making and hosting my own site (except for the engine, that is WordPress). It has seen Geocities, it was around before MySpace or Facebook was even a thought, and it will be here after these services are long gone. If you want your content to last or to be around, post on your own site - at least on your own site as well 4 .



Handle: petermolnar wechat

  1. https://workingatbooking.com/

  2. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/petermolnareu/

  3. http://repaircafe.org/en/

  4. http://indiewebcamp.com/Why

  5. https://petermolnar.net/mailto:hello@petermolnar.net

  6. https://petermolnar.net/pgp.asc

  7. http://telegram.me/petermolnar

  8. https://icq.com/people/67878789/

  9. https://github.com/petermolnar

  10. https://flickr.com/photos/petermolnareu/