How to use VoIP (SIP) on Android without any app

Android has a built-in SIP client in the Phone app which is much easier the use than any additional apps - even though it's voice only.
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I've tried many apps for VoIP on Android, but it turns out, there is a pretty hidden feature in the "Phone app" whic allows you to use VoIP in Android without any additional resource killer.

You'll need a SIP account to use this. SIP1 is protocol invented especially for voice over IP and you can get an account from many providers. I'd recommend Linphone2 for start since it's free. Once you have a you can call other accounts.

Unfortunately not every mobile provider allows SIP protocol on their network, so this method is mostly to be used over a Wireless Network.

Adding the account

  1. Open the Phone app ( with the phone icon )

    android home

    android home screen

  2. Go to Settings ( the three dots at the bottom )

    android contacts

    android contacts screen

  3. Scroll to the bottom of settings

    android contacts

    android contacts menu

  4. Tap on SIP Accounts...

    android internet accounts in contacts

    android internet accounts in contacts menu

  5. ...and add an account

    android SIP accounts

    android SIP accounts menu

  6. Tick the "Recieve incoming calls" if you want to be able to receive calls, not just initiate them.

  7. Once you're done, you can add SIP numbers to your contacts by selecting the Internet number field

    android add SIP to

    android add SIP to contact

  8. It will show up like this:

    android finished SIP of

    android finished SIP of contact

And you'll be able to do free VoIP calls, without any memory hog, resource-eating, privacy intruding app.