Peter 's Homepage

Hi! I'm Peter, and you're on my homepage. It's an old phrase, but this place is my home, my own little corner on the vast internet. It's been around since 1999, had numerous domains, designs, and iterations. I'm trying to encourage people to have their spot on the web as well.

About the site

I have a mixture of content on this page: tinkerings with linux, embedded, internet things are under the IT section. Travelling & longer braindumps are under journal, photos at photo, while notes contain replies and miscellaneous entries.

If you want to follow this site, there's a newsletter, sent through the Google Groups - this is to avoid those mails landing in the Spam folder. You can follow the site via Microsub and your chosen reader application. There's an RSS, and a h-feed.

At this point in time, it's mainly a static HTML website, generated from Markdown files with Python, plus a couple of PHP scripts for search and proper redirecting. The short version is that I got tired of WordPress, didn't want to go back to a custom dynamic CMS, but full WYSIWYG it not an option any more with hundreds of entries. I should have taken this leap and go full hand crafted HTML again - maybe one day. It would have been better, because then I would not have migrated from/to a lot of CMS systems, and I wouldn't need a monster to handle redirects of my old URLs.

In 2020, stopped trying to please search engines. The whole idea of needing Dublin Core, and Open Graph, and JSON-LD/RDFa/microdata, and HTML has gotten out of hand. Only microformats shall remain. The site has a special, print friendly CSS. While printing "pollutes", it's also the only reliable, long term archival method for text at the moment. The engine is hidden in plane sight.

Special thanks to:, Telegraph,, Superfeedr, Aperture for making the indieweb experience a breeze even for (mostly) static sites.

About me

I consider email to be my main contact point:, but I also have a couple of instant messenger accounts: xmpp, WhatsApp, and a gazillion forgotten ones, which are dead or simply not worth listing. I regularly lurk on Freenode, as petermolnar, especially in the #indieweb channel. This site also accepts webmentions but only on the entries themselves.

I still have a Flickr account and my photos are POSSEd there, and a Twitter account, but that is only for ephemeral conversations.

I'm from Hungary, living and working in Cambridge, UK. Linux sysadmin by day, oriental martial studies practitioner on some weekday evenings. I'm happily married to Nora who shares more of my interests I thought possible, including most of my rather complex musical taste (which ranges from EBM through metal and rock to 90s trance and some impossible to categorize ones) and my love for photography. I maintain a list of sites/people I follow over here.

In essence: GE d@ s: a C++$ UBL+++$ P++(--)$ L++(-)$ !E W+++(-)$ !N !o K--? w !O !M !V PS++ PE- Y+ PGP+ t+ 5+++ X+ R tv b+ DI D+ G e++ h r+++ y+++* and if you know what this is, you've been on the internet for a while or dug too deep into nostalgia.


If you wish to use any of the photos made by me which use is not covered by the CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0 licence, please get in touch with me at